Soccer Shots Franchisee Turns Lifelong Passion Into Career

All Soccer Shots franchisees have a few things in common, including having a strong passion for making a positive impact on children and a desire to lead their own business. Soccer Shots franchisee Alex Gallego, for example, strongly believes soccer offers children the opportunity to develop their self-esteem while participating in a discipline that requires them to stretch their physical and psychological capabilities.


Alex, who has been a Soccer Shots franchise owner in Nassau County, New York, since 2010, developed his love for the game at an early age in his hometown of Medellin, Colombia. Alex also started developing his coaching skills early in his life and coached his first team at age 16. Since then, Alex has coached many young players, elevating and accelerating the development of many youth soccer athletes.


As an owner, director and coach at Soccer Shots Long Island West, Alex embodies the qualities of an ideal Soccer Shots franchisee, believing the game allows children to work on their social and team-working skills that will become invaluable as these young athletes grow and mature. Additionally, Alex strives at every single soccer session to make sure that his athletes learn the sport while enjoying it.


Soccer Shots is looking for franchise prospects like Alex in Toronto, Detroit and Phoenix who have a lifelong passion for soccer and the desire to create opportunities and access to the sport for young kids in the community.


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