Top 5 Qualities of a Successful Soccer Shots Franchisee

The success of each local business, the strength of our brand, the unit growth of our system and the financial strength of our franchising company all boil down to one critical variable – the people. For the right person, Soccer Shots franchise ownership is rewarding and lucrative.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a Soccer Shots franchisee? Successful Soccer Shots franchisees are:


Humble, hungry and smart

 “While working in Houston with the local Soccer Shots franchise, my business partner and I made a huge decision to move to Seattle and start our own franchise. I had limited experience running a business, but the help of the Soccer Shots team combined with our passion, honesty and integrity have helped us grow into the successful business we are today.

Gonzalo Nemi, franchisee



As a stay-at-home mother of four, Ashley Hernandez had a desire to be her own boss while taking care of her family. Ashley felt that Soccer Shots would be a great fit and decided to purchase a new territory in Lubbock, Texas. 


Leaders/team builders

Patrick Lenehan, a former top-level collegiate soccer player, teamed up with his family members to bring Soccer Shots into his hometown of Northwest Indiana. The team includes Patrick, his brother, Joe, his sister-in-law, Emily and his wife, Jaci. Emily, who transformed her career as seasoned nurse and stay-at-home mother of three, leads the franchise as their Director of Operations.



“Children are our most valuable resource and most important to the future success of our society. I believe that it is imperative to engage them as early as possible. I have played soccer my entire life and understand the impact that team sports can have on an individual. Soccer Shots not only encompasses the beautiful game of soccer, but also teaches incredibly valuable lessons.”

Paul Holdgate, franchisee


Interested in making a difference while making a living

“I fell in love with Soccer Shots and what it stands for. Not too often can someone change lives while making a living. Having the ability to positively impact the lives of children while supporting my family is a dream come true.”

– Jonathan Turman, franchisee


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